An Album That Breaks The Walls: Will Bernard – Pond Life

In some reviews about the guitarist Will Bernard, I came across the ascription of “a guitarist from the Bill Frisell and John Scofield school”. Maybe Marc Ribot can be added to these names.

The guitarists that has been mentioned are good references for me. But you can notice that Bernard has a unique aroma that does not imitate anyone in his tone and compositional point of view. He is accompanied by Tim Berne on alto saxophone, Ches Smith on drums, Chris Lightcap on bass, John Medeski on piano and Hammond in Will Bernard’s new recording, Pond Life, released by Dreck to Disk Records. Each of the names we have mentioned are respected musicians with their styles for their followers and audiences.

The album contains a kind of sound collage and a louder show of strength, with 10 originals, authentic short passages, and short stories that make sense in each passage. Sometimes stimulating or even shocking intros are accompanied by progressive riffs that grooves so good, followed by an enjoyable free improvisation session.

A record that shatters interspecies walls with loud explosions.

Burak Sülünbaz

Co-Founder, Jazz Writer // Kurucu Ortak, Caz Yazarı

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